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April 29- News from the GSAA Spring Fling:
             * Christina Alexander and "Shameless Pleasure" Hi -Point
                Youth 13 & Under
             * Anne Alexander And " Shameless Pleasure" Res Hi- Point
                Non Pro Masters
             * "Zippos Classy Hunter" Res Hi - Point English horse
             * Alexis Moore and "Zip-N-Tumble" Circuit Champion in
                 W/T Showmanship (4 firsts)
                 W/T Horsemanship (4 firsts)
                 W/T Western PLeasure (4 firsts)



April 8- News from Florida Super 8 Show, Venice , Fl
             The Florida Super 8 was a great show with tough competition!
             *Congratulations to Anne Alexander making her debut
               with "Shameless Pleasure"  achieving numerous firsts
               in showmanship and horsemanship.
            *Congratulations to Pamela Prentice with "Sayes Who"
               and Jessica Cook with "Whos Next" both did a great
              job with numerous firsts as well.
            *Congratulations to Christina Alexander and "Shameless Pleasure"
              Hi-Point Youth 13 & Under
            *"Zippos Classy Hunter" owned by John Hardin -Reserve Circuit
                Champion SR. Hunter Under Saddle

                        2011 Year End Hi-Point Results:
                           Congratulations to Dr. Ted Zajac and "Stop and Stare"
                           1st- HIH Stallions
                           2nd- NP HIH Stallions
                   Congratulations to Christina Alexander and "Shameless Pleasure"
                          Year End Champion Versatility 12 & Under
                           1st in the following:
                           Huntseat Equitation 12 & Under
                           Trail 13 & Under
                           Western Horsemanship 12 & Under
                           Western Pleasure 12 & Under
                           Western Riding 12 & Under
                           Western Showmanship 12 & Under
                           2nd - 
                           Hunter Under Saddle 12 & Under
                           Nez Perce Stake Race 12 & Under
                           Bareback Equitation 13 & Under
                           English Showmanship 18 & Under
                           Top 5-
                           Keyhole Race 13 & Under
                           Top 10-
                           Camas Prarie Race 12 & Under
                           Figure 8 Stake Race 13 & Under
                           Youth Halter Geldings
                           Heritage 18 & Under
                           Congratulations to Brooke Moore and "Zip-N-Tumble"
                           Bareback Equitation 14-18
                           Hunt Seat Equitation 16-18
                           Western Horsemanship 16-18
                           Western Riding 16-18
                           Congratulations to Lexi Moore and "Luke Absolutely Me"
                           Top 10 - Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle
                           Also congratulations to Colleen Hoover on her year end
                           accomplishments and a successful trip to the "Last Chance Show"
                           held in Myakka City, Florida.

December 30- Congratulations to the Hornick family of Davidson,NC
                          on the purchase of "WAY STYLIN". Best of luck with


December 22- Congratulations to the Redden family on the purchase of 
                         "CANT PASS ME BY" Best of luck with "Teddy"!!
                          Show season is finally over the trailer is all winterized
                          and the horses are getting a little time off. 
                          We are looking forward to the holidays. Wishing everyone
                          a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 
November 5- Check out the World show on the "2011 World Show Results page.

Oct 13-14   Congratulations to Christina Alexander and "Shameless Pleasure"
                          Hi-Point Youth 18 & Under NC State Fair Show

Oct 1-2  Scenes from the cold, cold north. GSAA October show.

Tulsa with her new friends Katie, Sam, Gracie, Christina & Ashley.

Tulsa and Mom, Dad's in the trailer with football.

Good friends Gracie, Christina, Seattle and Will ready to show in the cold and rainy NJ!!

September 25- Results from Lee-Jackson Classic, Lexington, VA                 
                            * Congratulations to Christina Alexander and
                               "Shameless Pleasure"  Hi Point Youth 13 & Under
                      * Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and "Sayes Who" 
                         Hi Point English Horse and Reserve Hi Point Masters NP
September 12- Congratulations to Christina Alexander and "Shameless Pleasure"
                           Hi Point Youth 13 & Under - Cowboy Classic, Syracuse, NY
August 22- Congratulations to Christina Alexander and "Shameless Pleasure"
                    Reserve Hi Point Youth 13 & Under GSAA Summer Sizzler 

May 30- News from the Keystone Classic, Harrisburg, PA
               With over 1500 entries this show is one that you don't
               want to miss.
               CONGRATULATIONS TO:
               Lexi Moore - Reserve Hi-Point Walk/Trot with "Zip-N-Tumble"
                                          and "Luke Absolutely Me"
                  Christina Alexander - Reserve Hi-Point Youth 13 & Under with
                                          "Shameless Pleasure"  
                  Brooke Moore- Reserve Hi-Point Youth 14-18 with "Zip-N- Tumble"  
                  "All About The Image"  - Circuit Champion Youth HIH mare with
                                                               Kara Kaufmann and Circuit Champion Open HIH
                                                               mare with Heather. Owned by the Mignosi's.
                  "Always Employed" - Circuit Champion 2 Yr Old Mares and Overall High
                                                          Point Halter Mare w/ 3 Grands and 1 Reserve.
                                                          Owned and shown by John.

May 9-  News from DAHA Spring Fling, Harrington, DE 
              * Congratulations to " Christina Alexander" and " Shameless
                 Pleasure"  Hi-Point Youth 13 & Under 

              * Congratulations to
"Brooke Moore"  with "Luke
                 Absolutely Me"  and "Zip-N-Tumble" Hi-Point Youth
               *"Mona Luka" Circuit Ch. HIH Mares and four firsts in the 3yo HUS
                  Congratulations to the Benders and Proper Appaloosas
               * Congratulations to "Lexi Moore" for a great show with two
                  wins in the Walk/Trot Hunter Under Saddle during her first
                  time showing  "Luke Absolutely Me"  (A must see video on youtube)
               * Introducing  "Jessie Cook"  the newest member of the HRSH team.
                  Jessie and  "Who's Next" had a great first show together  with
                  wins in the Non Pro HIH.

Jessie Cook and "Who's Next"

             * Congratulations to Gary & Vicki Gernhardt on the purchase of
                "Enchanted Paradise"  Best of luck to Vicki and "Lucy"!!!
                What a great pair they make.

May 2 -  News from Clemson, SC
              *Congratulations to Christina Alexander and "Shameless
                Pleasure" Hi-Point Youth 13 & Under
              *Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and "Enchanted Paradise"
                Hi-Point Non Pro 35 & Over
              *Congratulations to Jack & Debbie Mignosi, Kara Kaufmann and
               "Tell Me Why" Hi-Point Halter Horse- Great job Debbie & Kara!!

Brooke Moore
Prom Night 2011
"That's one beautiful cowgirl !!"


April 18- *Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and
                "Enchanted Paradise" Hi-Point Youth
                 13 & under GSAA Spring Fling, Branchille,NJ
                 they still got it!!
                * Congratulations to Christina Alexander and
                   "Shameless Pleasure" Reserve Hi Point 13 &
                   under GSAA Spring Fling, Branchville, NJ - Good
                   job Christina!! 
                     *Congratulations to Lexi Moore on receiving her
                   "BIG GIRL" status for successfully completing
                   her first "SOLO" horse show!! (No Mom or Dad at this one)

April 4- Just returned from another large Freedom Special
              show in Cloverdale, IN. The weather was ever
              changing and the indoor facility was full of exhibitors
              preparing for their classes. The show was 
              larger than 2010 with over 980 entries showing. The
              Western Pleasure Stick Horse Class, to benefit the crisis
              fund established for Jamie Zuidema, was held on
              Saturday afternoon and was the hit of the show. Twenty
              participants entered the arena and performed  a western
              pleasure class on their stick horses. Melissa Proulx and John
              had the difficult task of judging the class. Chad Williams was
              chosen the first annual "stick horse champ."  The stick horse 
              class along with the silent auction combined to raise over
             $2000 to assist Jamie and his family. 
           ** Congratulations to Christina Alexander and
                   "Shameless Pleasure" Reserve Hi-Point Youth
                   13 & Under.
              ** Congratulations to Jess Olsen-Groome Hi-Point Non-Pro.
              ** Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and "Sayes Who"
                   earning numerous wins in Showmanship and HUS.

March 22- News from Venice, Florida and the Super Eight Circuit:
                   The weather was absolutely perfect and the show was
                   larger than last year with several new exhibitors making
                  their first trip to Fox Lea Farm. The party on Saturday
                  night was a huge success with food and lots of
                  give aways. Can't wait to return to Venice.
                   **Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and
                       "Pretty Zippy Hotrod" hi-point youth 13 & under.
                   **Congratulations to Christina Alexander and
                       "Shameless Pleasure" reserve hi-point youth
                       13 & under.
                   **Congratulations to Jess Olsen-Groome hi-point non-pro.
                   **"Moves Like An Angel"  2 year old mare was circuit
                        champion HIH mares first time out. 

February 10- Show season is just around the corner and we
                        can't wait to head for Venice and that warm
                        Florida sunshine. The Berryfit visit was very productive
                        and all the new outfits will be arriving soon. Thanks to
                        everyone that made my surprise "PRE 40" birthday party
                        lots of fun. All the 2year olds are doing great and can't
                        wait to get them to Florida and their first horse show experience.
                       The 2011 show schedule is posted so check it out and let's
                       go show.  John has completed work on his "retirement home"
                      (his dream workshop-complete with a huge flatscreen) so
                      hopefully he'll  get back to keeping the site updated. Think Spring!!

November 30- Home from a very enjoyable trip to Florida.
                         Christina and "Will" got to spend a lot of time together
                         and they had a very productive show in Bushnell.
                         John and I spent Thanksgiving with Tyler ,Cecily and
                         Macee Marie. Tyler's mom cooked, Spanky (O'leary)
                         supervised, I baked the apple pie while "Uncle Bucket " (Scott)
                         and Uncle John babysat.


November 20- John has completed the construction of
                          his new "Taco Shop" and will debut in
                          Bushnell, FL next weekend, so come get those
                          hats "cleaned & creased" ! 




November - Check out the "2010 World Show Results" page for
                      all the news from Ft. Worth. 
October 16- Congratulations to Christina Alexander and
                      "Shameless Pleasure"  Reserve  High Point
                      13 & Under  at the 2010 NC State Fair Show!!!
                   *Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and
                     "Sayes Who" on numerous wins at the NC State Fair!!
                   * John's weanling filly  "Way Worth It" was unanimous
                      Grand Champion Mare at the 2010 NC State Fair!!! 
                      (see photos below) 


"Unanimous Grand Champion Mare"

October 4-** Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty Zippy Hotrod"
                        Reserve Hi Point Youth 13 & Under at the GSAA show in
                        Branchville, NJ!
                 **  Christina Alexander recieved an early birthday present from
                       Mom & Dad - a new Harris saddle, what a surprise!!
                 ** The costume contest was a real sucess!


"Looks serious"


"Speechless Birthday Girl"

Thanks to everyone who visited "The Taco Shop"




                             HARRINGTON,DE!!  A special thanks to all parents,
                             grandparents, Sheilah Griffin and club members for
                             making the DELAWARE AUTUMN EXTRAVAGANZA such
                             an enjoyable event!!

                                    ** Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and "Sayes Who"
                                   earning HI POINT MASTERS NP, RESERVE HI POINT
                                  NOVICE NP and "Sayes Who" receiving the HI POINT
                                 PERFORMANCE HORSE AWARD!!
                                    ** Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty
                                  Zippy Hotrod" HI POINT YOUTH 13 & UNDER!!
                                    ** Congratulations to Christina Alexander and
                                 "Shameless Pleasure" HI POINT NOVICE YOUTH!!
                                    ** Congratulations to Brooke Moore with "Zip-N Tumble"
                                  and "Luke Absolutely Me" RESERVE HI POINT
                                                         YOUTH 14-18!!
                                    ** Congratulations and very special HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY
                                 to Lexi Moore and "Zip-N-Tumble" having another
                                 great show in WALK/TROT events!!


August 30-News from the SBRAA Lee Jackson Classic, Lexington,VA 
                   *Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty Zippy Hotrod
                    Reserve Hi Point Youth 13 & Under and she had to cut the
                    show short to return to NJ for school!
                   * Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and "Sayes Who"
                      Hi Point Novice NP, Reserve Hi Point NP 35 & Over
                      and Reserve Hi Point NP Masters!!
                     Also "Sayes Who" Hi Point English Horse!!
                   * Congratulations to Christina Alexander and "Shamless Pleasure"
                      Hi Point Novice Youth 18 & Under!!!
                   * Congratulations to John and "Employees Dream" unanimously
                      winning the SBRAA Weanling Filly  Halter Futurity and the SBRAA
                      Non Pro Weanling All Sex Halter Futurity!! Watch for her
                      next appearance in Ft. Worth!
                    * Congratualtions to John and "Always Employed" unanimously
                       winning the SBRAA Yearling Halter Futurity and Yearling
                      Filly Class!



August 23- News from GSAA Summer Sizzler Show- Branchville, NJ
                              All the girls had a great show in Branchville!!
                           * Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann & "Pretty Zippy Hotrod"
                                   Hi Point Youth 13 & Under
                           * Congratulations to Brooke Moore with "Zip-N-Tumble" &
                                  "Luke Absolutely Me" Hi Point 14-18
                           * Congratulations to Lexi Moore & Zip-N-Tumble" winning in
                                    multiple Walk/Trot events
                           * Congratulations to Christina Alexander & "Shameless
                                    Pleasure" Reserve Hi Point youth 13 & under
                                    and Reserve Hi Point Novice Youth   

AUGUST 9- After a delayed flight and limited classes shown, congratulations
                    to Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty Zippy Hotrod"  for earning the
                    reserve hi point youth 12 & under  at The Reichert Celebration. 
                    It was a very hot show , but the facilities are great and we are
                    looking forward to returning for the 2011 ApHC Nationals.
                   (Over 1000 ApHC entries at The Reichert)                 

July 5- Made it home from Jackson safe, sound and exhausted!!  Check out the
             "Horses Sold", "Horses For Sale" and the "2010 Nationals Show Results"
              pages for the latest news.


May 31-Candids from the 2010 "Keystone Classic (photos by Connie Moore)

Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann  Hi-Pt Youth 13 & under, KAC Overall Hi-Pt member and overall Hi-Pt Youth , receiving the KAC Trophy Saddle!! 
Congratulations to Brooke Moore Reserve Hi-Pt. Youth 14-18!! 
Congratulations to Lexi Moore for a great show in Walk/Trot events!!
Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and "Sayes Who" for a great show. "Sayes Who" and Heather 3 First  and 1 Second in 3 yr old HUS!!
Congratulations to Jess Stockinger for a great job in showmanship and halter events!!

Kara Kaufmann & "Pretty Zippy Hotrod"

It was great show for all the girls!!

Sleep was at a premium.

The little "apprentice" Lexi and John cleanin & shapin @ "The Taco Shop"

We managed to wake her up @ 1:30 AM for Horsemanship.

When you are this tired you will sleep anywhere!

May 17- Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty Zippy Hotrod" Hi Point Youth
                13 & Under  and Reserve Hi Point Performance Horse - Quad-A-Rama Findlay,Ohio.
               ****It was a great show in Findlay, Ohio over 800 entries!!****
               Look for Pamela, Kara, Brooke , Lexi and Jess at our next stop- Harrisburg,PA. May 28-30.

May 10- ** Congratulations to Brooke Moore with "Zip-N-Tumble" & "Luke Absolutely Me"
                High Point Youth 14-18 @ Delaware Spring Fling. 
                ** Congratulations to Pamela Prentice with "Sayes Who" High Point Masters NP and Reserve
                High Point 35 & Over NP @ Delaware Spring Fling.
                **Congratulations to Lexi Moore with "Zip-N-Tumble" winning in Walk/Trot events @ Delaware Spring Fling.
                ** We all missed you Kara!

May 3- ** Congratulations to "The Mignosi's"  and "Tell Me Why" (3 yr. old)   Grand Champion Mare under all four
               judges  and High Point Halter Horse at the PAHC  Southern Hospitality Show.                
             ** Congratulations to John and  "Always Employed" (yearling filly) Reserve Grand Champion Mare under all
              four judges- first time shown at the PAHC Southern Hospitality Show. 
              **Congratulations to the PAHC on a great show! Entries totaled over 530, which was an increase of over 200
              from last years show.  This club has really worked hard to grow their show and it is paying off.  The facility in
              Clemson,SC is a great one and we look forward to showing there each year.

             ***   Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty Zippy HotrodHi Point Youth 13 & under
                       and recipient of the "Spring Louie Memorial" perpetual trophy.
             ***   Brooke Moore and "Luke Absolutely Me"winning in HIH and HUS .
                      Brooke Moore and "Zip-N-Tumble" winning in all around events. 
             ***  Lexi Moore and "Zip-N-Tumble" winning in Walk/Trot events.  
             All girls received mutiple awards at the GSAA 2009 Year End Awards
            Banquet held on a "frigid Friday" night. Great job girls!!! 

It was a cold evening @ the GSAA Banquet.

APRIL 4- Freedom Special, Cloverdale, IN ***Congratulations to Pamela Prentice and "Sayes Who" on a great first show
                together,winning in Showmanship and HIH. "Sayes Who"  was also Reserve High Point Champion in halter geldings.   
                ***Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty Zippy Hotrod"  Hi-Pointyouth 13 & under and recipient
                of a really cool scooter!!   

"SAYES WHO" owned by Pamela Prentice


MARCH 21/2010- Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann and "Pretty Zippy Hotrod" on earning the Hi-Point Youth 13 & Under
                                Award at the Florida Super Eight Show in Venice, Florida.



                          2010 FILLY


2010 FILLY



January 10- We would like to congratulate our 2009 ApHC year end award winners:
"This Way N That" 1st 3 Yr Old HUS-  Now a "SILVER MEDALLION"recipient- Congratulations Lou & Marilynn Feuerstein!
"Enchanted Paradise" Reserve Open Aged Halter Mares- Congratulations to the Mignosi Family! 
Kara Kaufmann- YEAR END CHAMPION IN THE FOLLOWING: Versatility 12 & Under with "ENCHANTED PARADISE" ,
                               Hunter in hand mares, Halter mares, Showmanship 12 & Under, Hunt seat equitation-12 & Under,
                               Hunter under saddle-12 & under, Western horsemanship-12 & under, Novice Hunter under saddle,
                               Novice Hunt seat equitation, Novice showmanshhip,Novice Western pleasure, Novice Western
                               RESERVE YEAR END CHAMPION IN THE FOLLOWING: English showmanship 18 & under,
                               Western pleasure 12 & under, Keyhole 13 & under. 
                               TOP TEN YEAR END: Bareback equitation 13 & under, Youth most colorful, Youth halter geldings,
                               Stump race 12 & under,Versatility 12 & under with "PRETTY ZIPPY HOTROD".
Jess Stockinger- TOP TEN YEAR END: Youth Hunter in hand mares, Open Junior hunter hack 
                              with "Hands Off My Hunter".
Brooke Moore- TOP TEN YEAR END: Hunter under saddle-13-15, Senior Hunter under saddle 
                            with "Luke Absolutely Me" . 

October 16Today at the NC State Fair show in Raleigh, NC , in her first year out of Walk-Trot, Kara Kaufmann earned 
the Appaloosa Horse Club's " Youth Superior Achievement Award."  On her way to earning this prestigious title,
riding "Enchanted Paradise", Kara was also named High Point Youth 13 & Under at the NC State Fair Show. 
Congratulations Kara! What an accomplishment! We are very proud of you!!
Congratulations to Chandler & Jo Schuchardt on their recent purchase, "Dignified Deal", being selected as
Grand Champion Gelding by all judges at the NC State Fair Show. Exhibited by Steve Bennett.
October 5- Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann on receiving the Hi-Pt Youth 13 & Under and Hi-Pt Novice Youth awards-
                     GSAA Fall Folly, Branchville, NJ  
September 21- Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann on receiving the Hi-Pt Youth 13 & Under and Hi-Pt Novice Youth - Delaware
                             Autumn Extravaganza, Harrington, DE. 
                             Congratulations to Brooke Moore on achieving her Youth Superior Award and on receiving
                             the Reserve Hi-Pt Youth 14-18 at the Delaware Autumn Extravaganza, Harrington, DE.
August 31- Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann Hi-Pt Youth 13 & Under and Hi-Pt Novice
                     Youth, Lee Jackson Classic, Lexington, VA.
                     Congratualtions to Jess Stockinger Reserve Hi-Pt Youth 14-18, Lee Jackson Classic, Lexington, VA. 
August 24- Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann Hi-Pt Youth 13 & Under and Hi-Pt Novice Youth, Harrington,DE. 
August 17- Congratulations to Kara Kaufmann Hi-Pt Youth 13 & Under  and Reserve Hi-Pt Novice Youth, Branchville, NJ.
                     Congratulations to Brooke Moore and "LUKE ABSOLUTELY ME" undefeated in Hunter Under Saddle &
                     Hunter In Hand Geldings, Branchville,NJ. 
August 10-Congratulations to Kim & Elise Bender at "Proper Appaloosas".  "DESIRES DARLING" was Grand Champion Mare
                    under all 4 judges at the NCAHA Fall Show in Raleigh, NC. The yearling filly also received the
                    Dr. William Smith Memorial Trophy by being selected the "Champion of Champions Halter Horse".